Wearlizer Silicone Replacement Watch Strap for Fitbit Alta

When it is peak summer and where you are not able to tolerate the heat, there is no use in wearing a croc leather watch strap which gives you the sensation of pouring oil over the burning fire. Especially if you are wearing a fitness tracker such as Fitbit Alta, then your watch strap should not make you hate your fitness tracker along with it.

For that reason Wearlizer has come up with its latest series of cool and trendy silicone replacement watch strap for Fitbit Alta. This works out as the best accessory for those who are always on the lookout for a change in style for their Fitbit Alta. Also this watch band from Wearlizer keeps you comfortable and cool this summer with its silky smooth silicone strap.

This strap is exactly for those who are color conscious. Now you need not worry that your watch strap that does not match your dress color. Guess what? Wearlizer brings before you, not 3 or 4 but 13 different color straps. You have to in fact buy new clothes to match with the strap colors. Grab them all today and appear elegant and classy in front of your friends and colleagues.

These straps come in 2 sizes to fit the wrist of almost everyone who wishes to wear a watch. Size S is designed for 5.4 to 6.9 inch wrist, whereas size L is designed for 6.3 to 8.3 inch wrist.

The smooth and soft silicone material is extremely durable and is a perfect partner for your fitness activities such as swimming, workout and running. It does not accumulate sweat in your wrist and gives you immense comfort while checking out the distance covered, calories burnt and other technical details from your Fitbit Alta.

This stylish band is easy to install and remove and gives you a hassle free experience in changing your straps on a regular basis. They are also a perfect gifting option for your loved ones. Surprise your special someone by gifting this perfect companion for their Fitbit Alta.

Wearlizer has pledged to manufacture and supply only genuine products, and that is the reason for its huge response from customers who use their products. You would definitely love this silicone watch strap from Wearlizer. If you are not satisfied, Wearlizer offers you a free replacement or a refund upon request.

Buy this elegant and sporty strap for your Fitbit Alta watch today and gift this amazing product to your family and friends too.

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