Wearlizer Genuine Leather Cuff Design Strap for Apple Watch

Wearlizer Genuine Leather Cuff Design Strap for Apple Watch

Ok, so now that you have switched to be a gadget freak and full on into technology, can you forget your sweet old days?

Don’t you remember the days when you were so interested to wear different watches everyday to school or college?

How can that wide strap be forgotten?

To re-live your memories, Wearlizer has come up with a uniquely designed Leather strap for Apple Watch which adds a vintage style as well as a classy elegant look to your Apple watch. The Cuff design watch has a wider width of the band compare to any other watch styles. The finely worked cuff is designed in such a way that it allows the heart rate sensor of your Apple watch to be in close contact with your pulse beat of your wrist.

Due to the genuine leather, the strap beats away moisture, giving you immense comfort throughout the day. This strap does not strangle your wrist due to the wider cuff design and allows you to stay cool and casual. This strap from Wearlizer is also sweat proof and water proof. It is also extremely durable due to the high quality leather used. This ensures that it has a long service life and stays for a lifetime.

The strap encompasses an Apple Watch metal adapter, which enables easy installation and removal of the watch strap to the Apple watch device. Wearlizer also offers an anti-scratch skin as a complimentary gift, along with this strap. Now you need not worry about any scratch or dirt accumulation on the surface of your most precious Apple watch.

This strap from Wearlizer is also a perfect accompaniment for Apple watch sport and Apple watch edition. This strap also acts as a great gifting option for your friends and family, who own an Apple smart watch. Leave your special someone dumbstruck by presenting this strap, which is a totally unexpected and a sweet surprise gift.

The pink color strap is the perfect choice for women. It goes very well with almost any dress you wear. If you are very particular about the choice of color strap which you wear for your dress, then we have a solution. This product comes in 5 other attractive colors namely Black, Blue, Red, Brown and Turquoise.

I strongly recommend this product for your Apple watch, which is the best value addition which you can give to it.

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